Posted by: Ole | 2011/04/04

Start Of The Season

Wow that was a great weather on Saturday .. Just right to get the little one out, put the battery back in, get the roof off and have a nice drive to the lake, for some relaxing hours sitting in the beach bar 🙂 Too bad it’s going to rain the rest of this week .. So little one gets some more sleep in its garage again.

Posted by: Ole | 2011/03/25

One More Week …

… until season starts! I can hardly wait to get it out of its hibernation.

Posted by: Ole | 2010/07/20

Humming Bird

I got the Larini exhaust installed and I really like its sound! I don’t know if it gets annyoing after a while as the two previous owners found it too noisy 😉
It also feels like it brings a slight improvement in power, but that maybe just imaginatory – it feels kind of more revv-happy, like the engine has more air to breathe.

Aug 12, 2010 – Update: After driving a while with the new exhaust system i brought it back to the garage to re-fix all the screws and move it a bit to the side so that it won’t touch the floor of the car anymore – now it is notably more tame and sounds much better.

Posted by: Ole | 2010/05/20

On The Road Again

Yay! Finally I got my Cappo registered, a nice number plate and the weather is going to be good on upcoming Whitsun weekend. All i need now is a pretty young girl to sit next to me .. any volunteer? 😉

Posted by: Ole | 2010/04/28

Legalize it!

Yesterday i drove my Cappo to a German “Cappo-Specialist” who did the necessary reconstructions to get the German approval. He changed the foglight and backup-light from the left to the right and vice versa and did the works on the headlamps to make them legal in right-hand-traffic countries.  I also have now four brand new tyres on the original rims, those are Continental PremiumContact2 in the size 175/60/14. Additionally i had ordered a Cusco strut brace from Japan which i installed. Now all i need to do is to wait for the TÜV documents so that i can get number plates and finally drive it.

Posted by: Ole | 2009/11/09


Amazing what you can achieve with a little polishing 🙂


Posted by: Ole | 2009/11/07


Here is a nice animation of the different ways the roof can be put on .. or off 🙂

Posted by: Ole | 2009/11/06

Made of Steel

A new package arrived today, guess what’s inside 🙂


Posted by: Ole | 2009/11/02


For my new steering wheel. You won’t believe how rare those are!


This it will look like:


Posted by: Ole | 2009/10/29


I just disassembled my new Km/h dashboard to see what it looks inside .. and if there’s some space to install an AFR meter. I’m thinking of doing a cheap one that taps into the EGO sensor and basically consists of a LM3914 display driver and some LED’s. My idea is to put the LED’s in a curve on top of the rev gage. I know that it’s not really an accurate instrument but at least it will show when the engine is running lean.

During my research i came across this little fancy device:

Nice idea, tho I don’t really know where to put it in the Cappo. The thing is available as a kit for € 59,-.

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